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Hatzic Elementary

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  • Corporate body
  • 1911-

Part of Mission School District #75, Hatzic Elementary School was originally opened in 1911 as a two room school. Improvements were made to the building in the 1950s, with another expansion being done in 1978. The school provides opportunities for self-directed learning, for remedial education, for co-curricular and for extracurricular activities. The Kindergarten to Grade six students at Hatzic Elementary acquire knowledge and skills of value, and are taught to be good citizens. The school offers programs to improve students’ health, such as DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and Peer Counsellors, and offer an extensive amount of sports teams, ranging from basketball to volleyball to touch football.

Hatzic Middle School

  • 0325
  • Corporate body
  • 2017-

The Building that houses Hatzic Middle School was established as a Junior Secondary School in 1972, and then as a Secondary School in 1988. Hatzic became a Middle School in 2017 for students in Grade seven to nine. part of Mission School District #75, Hatzic Middle School is a comprehensive school offering strong programs in academics, applied skills, fine and performing arts and athletics. Hatzic Middle School offers a Hockey Academy to its students, which is structured and dedicated not only to training and developing players to reach the next level in the sport, but also to support the academic and citizenship potential of every athlete.

Hatzic Secondary

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  • Corporate body
  • 1972-2016

Was originally established as a Junior Secondary School in 1972, and then as a Secondary School in 1988. Hatzic Secondary emphasized "high student achievement" and had specialized programs in electronics and technical training as well as a two-year integrated Humanities program and peer counseling.

-Hatzic Secondary became a Middle School in September 2017 for students in Grade 7 to 9.

-SEE Hatzic Middle School for years (2017-)

Heritage Park Secondary

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  • Corporate body
  • 1996-

Part of the Mission School District #75, Heritage Park Secondary opened in 1996 and its primary focus was individualized and personalized learning. It had specialized programs including video production, musical theatre and stagecraft, along with programs for students with disabilities and a fitness and exercise management program. Students with disabilities will be helped through a training program for aides.

-It became École Heritage Park Middle School in 2017

-SEE École Heritage Park Middle School for dates (2017-)

Hills, Doris

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  • Person
  • 1926-

Doris Hills (nee Grinsted) was born in England and moved to Cedar Valley near Mission, B.C., in 1929. Hills worked for the Chilliwack Progress newspaper, taking leave during World War II to serve in the Royal Canadian Air Force Women's Division.

Hollister, Vic

  • Person
  • 1925-2006

Vic Hollister is a long-time resident of Mission who was a member of the District of Mission Library Committee.


Klenk, Carl William

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  • Person
  • 1929-2020

Carl Klenk was born and raised on a farm in Saskatchewan. In 1946, at the age of 17, he moved to Mission with his family and lived on the south side of Main Street at the foot of Stave Lake Road. At this time he developed his life-long interest in collecting postcards.

After working for various logging companies in the area he started his own business in 1954. Shortly after that he married (1955) Iris Boyd and they moved to the Caribou where he continued to operate his business and start a family. Following several other moves, they came back to Mission in 1964 and Carl retired six years later.

In 1979, Carl and his wife moved to Seattle where he lived for the next 15 years. While there, he began to earnestly collect old postcards and photographs. He joined the Seattle Postcard Club and the Vancouver Postcard Club where he both purchased and sold postcards. He also acquired postcards at old antique stores, photographic club shows and swap meets.

In 1995, Carl moved back to Mission where he continued to add to his collection over the next twenty years and in 2006, met with the Archivist to discuss arrangements to preserve them. In 2016, he received a Special Heritage Award from the Mission Community Heritage Commission in recognition for his substantial contribution to Mission’s heritage by collecting and preserving his postcards in the Mission Community Archives to ensure their accessibility for present and future generations. He died on January 29, 2020.

Kowal, Evelyn M.

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  • Person

Evelyn M. Kowal is the daughter of Florence Inglis (1925-1997) and Andrew Russell Graham (1922-1973), both of Scotland.

Mission and District Garden Club

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  • Corporate body

The Mission and District Garden Club was established in 1965 to provide education in horticulture and to exhibit garden produce.

Mission City Record

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  • Corporate body
  • 1996-

The "Fraser Valley Record" was renamed the "Mission City Record" in 1996, and became tabloid in size.

The Fraser Valley Record was first published in 1908 in Mission City. The newspaper served the interests of Agassiz, Harrison, Harrison Mills, Hatzic, Mission City, Matsqui, Langley, Haney, Hammond, Coquitlam, Port Moody and the surrounding areas. The paper covered news of local, provincial and national importance. Under the new managing editor Lang Sands, the newspaper changed its focus in 1944 to Mission and immediately adjacent communities of Hatzic Island, Hatzic Prairie, Dewdney, Deroche, Nicomen Island, Lake Errock, and McConnell Creek.

Mission City Women's Institute

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  • Corporate body
  • 1910-1995

The Mission Women's Institute was established in 1910. Its first activity was sending blankets and parcels to soldiers serving overseas in World War I. As the chief organizer of the civilian war effort in Mission, MWI also made thousands of jars of jam, knitted garments and packed tobacco for men overseas. The MWI sold patriotic buttons and organized concerts and a play to raise money for the overseas aircraft fund and hospitals. It formed the first public lending library in Mission and brought the first public health nurse to Mission to start the first baby clinic. It organized the first tag day to start the building of Pleasant View Home. It participated in numerous fundraising efforts and community movements to establish and maintain the Mission Memorial Hospital. In 1925, it donated a new bandstand to the Mission City Community Brass Band. In 1945, it made five quilts for Russian relief. It regularly made donations to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. It held baby contests and an annual flower show for at least fifteen years, the fifteenth show being in June 1931. In 1918, it donated fruit and vegetables to the Rescue Home in Vancouver. In 1921, it offered night classes in sewing, dressmaking, millinery and bookkeeping. In 1949, it made donations to the Queen Alexandra Solarium Junior League, Conquer Cancer, and the Mission Film Council. Affiliated with the Agricultural Board, it often used the Agricultural Hall for meetings and other gatherings. It was funded by a small annual government group. The purpose of members was to serve "home and country". After 85 years of existence, members voted on October 23, 1995 to go into abeyance. MWI funds were donated to Mission Transition House children's program

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