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Stave Falls (BC)

Stave Falls Elementary

  • 0253
  • Corporate body
  • 1994-2008, 2019-

A Stave River School District was established in 1884 under the 1906 Public School Act and subsequently Stave Falls and Stave Gardens School were built. In 1962, a new school was opened on Bell Road from which its name was derived. In 1992, the school was among the last of the “country schools” to purchase its first computer. Due to population growth in the area a new school was constructed on another site, and in 1994 Stave Falls Elementary opened, replacing the one on Bell Road. In the new millennium, students participated in Choirfest to raise money for books and computers for their school and also had the opportunity to place a number of items that represented the year 2000 into a time capsule at the new BC Hydro Stave Falls Powerhouse. Students at Stave Falls worked hard and collectively participating in an annual Writers’ Fair and ‘Athletes in Action’. Stave Falls Elementary closed their doors in 2008, and then reopened in 2019 and is now part of the Mission School District #75.