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Subjects term Scope note Archival description count Authority record count
  • Agricultural cooperatives and organizations Irrigation, irrigation districts
  • Agricultural fairs, markets
  • Academic research / programs lobby / professional groups
  • Farming and ranching (individual, family, corporate)
  • Horticulture, gardening
  • Horticulture, gardening
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Arts and culture
  • Artists (i.e. musicians, actors, visual artists, dancers, writers, architects, photographers, etc.)
  • Arts and/or culture related businesses and organizations (i.e. Art Gallery, Mission Artists Association)
  • Cultural events (i.e. fairs, parades, lectures, festivals, presentations)
  • Institutions (i.e. foundations, museums, art schools, heritage sites, libraries, archives)
  • Literature
  • Performing arts
  • Professional organizations relating to the arts
  • Research, projects or writing pertaining to arts and/or culture
  • Visual arts
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Buildings and structures
  • Bridges, trestles
  • Buildings (i.e. residences, commercial, factories, churches, post offices, community centres, prisons, schools, arenas/sports venues, hotels, shopping centres/malls, and heritage buildings)
  • Building management
  • Construction
  • Monuments, statues, shrines, etc.
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Business and commerce
  • Business-related associations and chambers of commerce
  • Individual business owners and operators
  • Financial resources
  • Retail businesses, service businesses, banking
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  • For specific "Business Names"
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Children and youth
  • Activities, organizations, programs, events etc. specifically devoted to children and/or youth
  • Children and youth issues
  • Persons aged 18 or younger
  • Records created by children and youth
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  • For specific "Church Names"
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  • Communication businesses, cooperatives, organizations (i.e. advertising, printing, publishing, photofinishing)
  • Communication media (i.e. newspapers, magazines, newsletters, radio, television, telephone, cable, documentary film, internet)
  • Individuals (i.e. journalists, broadcasters, documentary film makers, commercial photographers
  • Symbols, logos, flags
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Community life
  • Communities (which can exist in municipalities, towns and villages, neighbourhoods, religious and cultural groups, camps, schools, etc.)
  • Community activities and events
  • Community booster and event promotion agencies
  • Community support and charitable organizations
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Groups working for the development and/or maintenance of events, services and facilities for the community, community spirit, and community promotion
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Cultural groups
  • Activities / events promoting life / values of cultural group(s)
  • Individuals / groups working towards preservation of heritage, a particular cultural group, or cultural community
  • Movements, initiatives, legislation etc. that promotes the existence and participation of diverse ethnic, racial, religious or social groups within the larger community
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