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  • Construction, ship building
  • Processing, packing and shipping industries
  • Resource industries (i.e. mining, forestry, fishing, etc.)
  • Resource industry cooperatives (i.e. agriculture, housing, retail)
  • Salvage companies and operations
24 0
  • Arbitration boards
  • Events (eg. strikes)
  • Individuals
  • Labour and union organizations
  • Professional associations with labour focus (eg. teachers, nurses)
  • Union-associated social groups
25 1
Land, settlement, and immigration
  • Claiming, settling and moving to a new land
  • Community and regional settlement patterns
  • Land settlement companies
  • Land surveys / surveyors
  • Land titles, distribution, grants etc.
  • Organizations involved in sponsoring / supporting immigrants
  • Real estate companies and activities
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Law and justice
  • Activities / structures for administration of law and justice
  • Administrative and support organizations (i.e. police boards)
  • Community service programs
  • Courts, prisons, remand centres
  • Individuals (i.e. lawyers, judges, police officers, bylaw officers, criminals)
  • Law enforcement (i.e. police forces, RCMP, coast guard)
  • Legislation
  • Litigation, arbitration, mediation, restorative justice, reconciliation, settlements
  • Professional organizations (established specifically for the administration and enforcement of law and justice)
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  • Equipment, weapons, uniforms, artifacts
  • Individuals and organizations (i.e. veterans, military personnel, militia, cadets)
  • Legislation
  • Military institutions, bases, sites
  • Military service, training and activities
  • Military vehicles and ships
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Natural resources
  • Energy (i.e. hydro-electric, thermal, solar)
  • Game management
  • Individuals
  • Land, water, minerals, forests, fisheries, soil, oil and gas
  • Regulatory and professional organizations
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  • Clubs, societies, associations - all types, except official (government) functions (i.e. agricultural, business, charitable, community, cultural, ethnic, fraternal, labour, military, political, professional, recreational, social, sports)
78 61
  • Individuals (i.e. politicians, campaigners, party members)
  • Political parties, campaigns and organizations
  • Political theory and study
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Religion (1)
  • Churches and denominations
  • Individuals (i.e. ministers, missionaries, members of religious orders, etc.)
  • Non-traditional groups and organizations (sometimes referred to as cults)
  • Personal, institutional and organizational relationships between humans and what they regard as holy, sacred or divine
  • Religious orders, groups and organizations
  • Religious theory and study
  • Schools, charities, missions and hospitals operated by religious groups
15 2
  • For specific "School Names"
3 27
Science and technology
  • Clubs, user groups, professional organizations specifically dedicated to science and/or technology
  • Research / research foundations, institutes
  • Scientists, researchers, etc.
  • Study and application of science
  • Technology schools / programs
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Sports, recreation, and leisure
  • Businesses related to sports, recreation, and leisure (i.e. bike rental shop, tour guiding, sports coaching, etc.)
  • Education and training
  • Individuals, organizations, clubs specifically related to sports, recreation and/or leisure
  • Physical activity, occupations or amusements carried out by humans for the purpose of wellness, socializing, relaxation, entertainment or competition
  • Professional and amateur competitors / teams
  • Sports, outdoor recreation, hobbies, games, travel, etc.
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Transportation and utilities
  • Accidents (i.e. highway crashes, derailments, air crashes, shipwrecks, etc.)
  • Act or means of providing water, power, sewage etc. to communities
  • Act or means of transporting from one place to another
  • Businesses and corporations (i.e. towing and repair services, motor associations)
  • Facilities and infrastructures (i.e. harbours, highways, airports, sewage treatment plants, electric systems, hydro-electric projects)
  • Professional organizations, unions specifically related to transportation or utilities
  • Rescue transportation services (i.e. towing, coast guard, search & rescue)
  • Vehicles, rolling stock (i.e. locomotives, carriages, wagons, or other vehicles used on a railroad), aircraft, ships and boats, ferries
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  • Clubs, societies, organizations specifically related to women
  • Historical, social, political and cultural circumstances of women
  • Individuals
  • Records created by women
  • Women-only facilities and activities
  • Women’s issues
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